About the company

Formed in 1997 to leverage our experience in 3D graphics, Pyramid Peak Design (PPD) spent it's initial years focused on delivering high performance drivers for 3D HW in both the consumer and safety critical markets. Seeing the coming need for HD DTV software development, PPD began to participate in a number of initiatives to put greater graphical processing capabilities into consumer devices. Over the years, PPD has provided software development, quality assurance and architecture support to several different well-known consumer companies. In parallel with providing engineering services, PPD has also developed content for a wide range of platforms and thus has a useful combination of application and driver experience not commonly found. Our team has decades of combined knowledge in desktop, consumer and embedded platform development and is well versed in the tradeoffs of developing efficient platforms and applications. We pride ourselves on the quality and timeliness of our deliverables while also providing very competitive pricing. Providing engineering services is our primary focus.