Driver Development

Through the long history of PPD the companies we performed development work for is a "who's who" of the graphics world. This work varied from doing entire development of drivers for OpenGL and D3D to tuning drivers developed by other 3D party developers or internal teams to make the products more competitive.

Sadly, many of the companies we have had the honor to do work for have been acquired, are no longer in the graphics business or even in existence but here are a few of the company logos we have had the honor to provide services for:

Embedded Solutions

Some of the most interesting work PPD has performed is in the embedded realm. We helped create an intelligence gathering platform that utilized video textures to display realtime images. And from developing a complete DO178B ready driver to assisting tuning one being created from a desktop driver, PPD is well versed in things avionics related. Below is a set of screen shots from a driver we created running on ATI HW.

Video Platforms

PPD has a long history of provding engineering services to consumer electronics companies like Sony, Mitsubishi and JVC. The following is a screen shot of the user interface on a Sony Bravia TV. PPD's engineers were central in making this a shipping product