I've always been a rock hound, even since before I knew it. I was always picking up rocks as a kid. Looking back it explains why I was always happy spending time in the mineral hall of the Denver Museum. I can remember dreaming of having a rock store someday, that dream isn't possible due to the overhead of having a shop but attending rock shows and selling online seems a great path as I hopefully near retirement.

I really got rolling on things lapidary when I joined the Colorado Springs Mineralogical Society. The guy who was the leader of the lapidary group (I'll keep him nameless for privacy reasons) was one of the most outgoing and giving people I've ever met. His energy and enthusiam soon fueled my desire to get going with my own equipment. Wasn't too long before one saw became two and a flat lap was augmented by a cab machine. Another gentleman in the same club was the leader of the faceting group and that took me down that path as well. I got hold of a sphere machine and suddenly that aspect of the business was rolling.

This site is divided up into three areas: Lapidary arts are things I make with rocks that aren't faceted and aren't spheres. Spheres - well hopefully that is obvious. And faceted items will be faceted stones, rough and jewelry. Finally the projects page will be where I post things to help others get started or demonstrate how I do things. I've found that most rockhounds are very sharing of their knowledge and I want to do the same here.

Too little time, too many rocks to cut!